Re-upholstery Challenge

Rolls of fabric at the Halley Stevenson factory sale

What am I getting myself into? A whole lot of fun with fabulous results hopefully. We’ve got a few chairs that have fabric that is past it’s best and I’ve been meaning to tackle them but up until no haven’t had the time or the fabric.

What spot of luck that I have friends that are keen re-upholsterers and they let me in on a trade secret – factory sales as Halley Stevensons in Dundee. We drove up and grabbed ourselves some real bargains. I managed to get two rolls of fabric, yes rolls, for under £50! That’s enough to do my two Parker Knoll chairs and my Parker Knoll rocking chair as well as many other projects I have in mind.

This is the rocking chair that needs a little TLC and a revamp.

I didn’t realise it was a Parker Knoll chair until that day when I started looking at it in more detail and figuring out what a task I’d set myself! I think I’ll use the blue flowery fabric for this chair.

Wow! Didn't realise it was a Parker Knoll chair!!! Cool! #upholstery #diy #sewing #fabric

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I will definitely do a step by step transformation series of posts once I start on the project.