Sewing Mad

Summer Shorts

I’ve been a bit sewing mad recently. I blame it on the Great British Sewing Bee as that’s what got me back into sewing this year. That and a conversation with freinds on Facebook that led us to meet up every week and have a social sewing session. It’s been great fun and hopefully we can keep it up.

I started off making a pair of summer shorts for my boy…

It’s pouring with rain so what better day to make Milo some summer shorts. #rainydays

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…and then swiftly moved onto hammerhead sharks – a request from a three year old is hard to turn down. I’ve made hammerhead sharks before and they were great, but as I made it up as I went a long that time, I had to do that all again this time around. I drew out two pattern pieces, one for the base and other for the sides/top. The first hammerhead shark came to life in a matter of hours…

A hammerhead shark in the making. #sewing #fabric

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My first attempt at an invisible seam. Doing quite well methinks #hammerhead #sewing #fabric

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One #hammerhead shark. Done. #sewing #fabric

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And Milo called her Lucy and instantly requested a baby hammerhead shark! How could I resist!

I scaled down the pattern and made some adjustments to the fin positions as after makign the first hammerhead I realised that having them in alignment was a bad idea.

And soon Baby Lucy was born…

Guess what I’m going to attempt next….

Yep – that’s an 8ft Squid! I’ve got the pattern ready and it’s just a matter of getting started. It’ll look great lounging on the sofa!

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever sewn or been asked to sew?