Spoontastic Sale until Sunday!

Antique Silverware Rings by Milomade

I’ve been working hard in my studio getting all my ring designs sorted and organised and on display ready for Round the Horn. I know if it’s in Novemeber, but I have a lot to get organised for it as well as an up and coming exhibition at the Park Gallery, so best to start early I say.

It’s beginning to feel more and more like Autumn every day and I love the morning and afternoon light that’s been streaming into my studio through my fabulous new ginormous window (more on that in another post).

So why not kick start the season with a spoontastic four day sale!


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From now until midnight on Sunday 20th September you can get a fabulous 20% off any of my antique silverware rings! How great is that!

View the whole collection in my shop here.

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Antique Silverware Rings by Milomade