The Milomade Messenger is here!

Milomade Messenger Bag

I’m so excited to announce that the Milomade Messenger is now here. I’ve been sewing like a mad woman of late and have produced 8 bags so far and love them all.

The Milomade Messenger is here! It's practical, it's funky, it's recycled, it's unique!


Born out of necessity

I wanted a practical, funky, unique bag for my travels in South Africa this year – so I invented the Milomade Messenger and it’s perfect for travelling as well as everyday use.

I wanted a bag with pockets that was compact but roomy enough to hold a water bottle, a change of clothes for my toddler, snacks, my camera, wipes as well as a few other essentials. And so the Milomade Messenger was born.

Based on a pattern from, I’ve adapted the bag from the pattern to suit my own needs. I’ve changed a few things as well as adding a few more like an all essential keyfob (as I’m fed up of rummaging in my bags to find my keys) and I have a few more adaptations to try out soon too – extra pockets, a zipper pouch divider, to name just a couple.

Each bag I make is totally unique as I work with recycled fabrics and remnants sourced from factory sales, charity/thrift shops as well as fabric people have donated. Some fabrics are vintage and some of this current range of bags are made using fabrics I bought in South Africa this summer.

Milomade Messenger - Taxi

Currently there are 8 in stock, but only 4 listed in my shop so far. The other 4 will be added this week once I’ve decided on a name for them – as they’re all unique with their own individual personalities I thought I’d give them all a unique name too.

Milomade Messenger - Camper Milomade Messenger Bag
Milomade Messenger Bag Milomade Messenger Bag

Also, for any Dr Who fans out there – I’ll be making a few bags very soon with some special Dr Who fabric I’ve managed to source – I’m very excited about that and will let you know when they’re in stock.

I use my bag everyday – can’t be without it – it’s totally unique like me! Why not have a look and see if you can find the perfect bag for you…

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