BCTF 2016 is 6 weeks away!

Be Unique with Eco Chic - A new collection of of funky button accessories from Milomade

Oh my goodness – it’s nearly here and I’m not ready… yet! I can honestly say I don’t think I’m as organised as I was last year, but I’m not stressed, as my to-do list is turning into a ta-dah! list day by day – I just have to keep going and not dwell on minor details.

I’ve had a nightmare over the past week trying to get my marketing materials printed – never again will I be tempted by a VistaPrint carrot! I now have 3500 A6 flyers, x2, as despite my protests they decided to print the whole job again, promising better quality, with no improvement.

So 7000 flyers later, I tried another company with not much success – this time I couldn’t even get my files uploaded, let alone printed. Two days of trial and error and I gave up and moved onto company number three.

Artwork had to be adjusted, but it’s all been sent off now and paid for and hopefully my flyers will arrive perfectly printed next Tuesday. Fingers crossed.

As for my other tasks…

I’m pretty much done on the making front and have all the products I’ll be showcasing at BCTF this year ready – I’ve just a few things to tweak and adjust and finish off this week as some of the stock went out to stockists, so I have gaps to fill. So I think I can get that all sorted this week and then next week I can start focusing on my stand display. But I’m sure I’ll keep on making stuff too.

I’m launching a few new ranges this year.

1. A new range of cards called ‘Button Blossoms’ – here’s a sneak peak:

Button Blossoms - A new greetings card range from Milomade

2. My new jewllery collection ‘Echoes’ – you’ve seen the work in progress shots, here’s my publicity shot, I’ve just got to photograph the other pieces in the collection before I can add them to my shop and my catalogue. It’s tricky – I love this photo – it capture all the detail and texture and has an amazing quality, I just can’t seem to get the same efect when shooting the other pieces. I’ll get there in the end though, I’m sure – I have to!!!

Echoes - A new jewellery collection from Milomade

3. My Eco Chic collection – pieces which have been going strong since I started Milomade, but have never been made into a collection before and some that have never even been sold before too (just stuff I’ve made for myself).

Be Unique with Eco Chic - A new collection of of funky button accessories from Milomade

So I’m going to try and do a weekly post from now on to keep you up to date with my preparation for the show.

Despite my huge to do list and my limited time in the studio, I’m really looking forward to it this year. I know what to expect now and I’m also goign to be staying in Kanresborough – somewhere I’ve not been since I was first at college!