I thought I would share this on the blog. Not everyone is on Instagram but if you want to sign up, this month would be a great time to do so. I’m taking part in #MarchMeetTheMaker month and each day have to post up an image and info about me and my work. Read on to find out more…

Started by Joanne Hawker on Instagram, it’s a way to find out a little bit more about anyone who gets involved. The Basic idea is this….

Each day in March I will post an image up on Instagram (that I will also share here and on Facebook), that will help tell the back story of my business and allow you to learn a little more about me and Milomade – a bit of behind the scenes info if you like.

I have to follow the prompts in the image below.



Day 1 =  Brand Image

I’ve decided to join in with #MarchMeetTheMaker set up by @joannehawker and will be posting a different image everyday this month so you can find out more about me and my business. Day 1 is Brand Image. This is my logo. I created it in 2008, when I launched Milomade, using my favourite font Century Gothic as a starting point. I love the font because of the roundness of the letters. There’s just something so pleasing about that. I use the font for all my business stationery and publicity material. The addition of the button is because when I started Milomade I was working mostly with recycled buttons. I’ve expanded since then and work with a huge variety of recycled materials. The button also makes a great avatar and is the way I represent myself online. It’s become very recognisably Milomade. I’m really happy with my brand. I used to have the strapline ‘too good to waste’ but I changed this a few years ago to what is there now as I wanted to be more upfront about what I did. What I have now is a bit long winded but I love it and think it better represents what I do and who I am.

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