The FlapHappy Backpack and the 8ft Squid

8ft Squid

My son is going to be 4 years old in a month! How fast time has flown! What has he requested for his birthday? Read on to find out what I’ve added to my ridiculously long to do list this month…

Ages ago you might recall that he had a bit of a shark obsession and asked me to make him a hammerhead shark. I did and he called it Lucy. He loved it so much he asked me to make him a baby Lucy too. I did. I then looked online with him (big mistake) for other creatures you could make and we found this:

8ft Squid

Yep indeedy, it’s an 8ft squid! I pinned it and forgot about it, until now. Since the start of the year Milo has been asking me to make it for him – so I said I’d make it for his birthday – I am insane!!

So not only am I getting ready for BCTF2016, dealing with Milomade orders etc, I also have to make an 8ft squid in the next 4 weeks! Think it might be more of a 5ft or 6ft squid – just depends how much yellow fabric I have.

He also requested a bag and as he’s so obsessed with SpiderMan at the moment, I’m going to make him this:


But in this fabric:

Spiderman Fabric

Fingers crossed I can get these projects started and finished.