Hello from the other side…

Evie Milo - Milomade Stand 184 - BCTF 2016

I just had to quote Adele as I feel I’ve been a little AWOL of late. The last time I wrote on this blog was pre BCTF and now that I’m post BCTF I thought I’d add an update.

This year the British Craft Trade Fair did not disappoint. I put a lot of work into it and have been rewarded with new stockists, repeat orders, the lot and that’s kept me busy for the past few weeks. Orders are all going out this week and I now have a little time to reflect.

I’ve often been asked how I manage my time with my two jobs, family, a house in need of lots of TLC etc. and on reflection I can honestly say it’s difficult. I used to be a lot more productive when my son was a baby – it was easy working around a sleeping child. But now my little treasure is 4, it means my days are more fully booked as well as my weekends and my time in the studio is concentrated to two days a week and lots of late nights if I’ve got order to fulfill.

It does mean my blog is left unattended occassionally and I do apologise for that. I had big plans to get organised with content this year, but I’m afraid I’ve let things slide. I think a lot of this is down to the fact that I’m setting myself unrealistic goals and I need to do a bit of trimming to my to do list. So from now on I will only be blogging two or three times a month as I think that’s do-able and I’m more likely to stick to such a commitment.

So what’s on the horizon at Milomade HQ?

Here are a few snippets of news for you to digest…


BCTF 2016
The show was brilliant this year and I’ve already booked for next year. You can see an image gallery of my setup and stand here


If you haven’t already noticed, I’m having a Spring Sale – more on that here


Echoes Collection
My new Echoes collection is launching soon in my online shop. I promised to get pieces online before BCTF but didn’t get round to it unfortunately. I’m currently in the process of writing prooduct descriptions, taking photos, editing etc and will do a big announcement once it’s all live.

Pieces from the collection are now on display and available to buy at the Craft Centre & Design Gallery in Leeds and over the summer, will also be available at the Ferrers Gallery in Leicestershire.


New Stockists
I have a few new stockists, so check out my Stockists page and my new Stockists map to see where you can buy Milomade products.


Shop Updates
I will be updating the jewellery collections in my shop this month so that it’s very clear whether an item is generic and ‘made to order’ or whether it’s unique and ‘ready to ship’ as I now get all my sterling silver jewellery hallmarked and this adds time to the making process. All the pieces in my new Echoes Collection are unique and so I also feel I need to start listing each item individually rather than showing one generic image and having the pieces ‘made to order’. Hope that makes sense.


Site Updates
I’m going to be updating a few sections on this website but most importantly, the collections area, as it’s so out of date and many items listed I no longer make.