Dare alla Luce

29th December 2016

This year has seen so much loss and I’ve recently been drawn to the work of Amy Friend and in particular her series entitled ‘Dare alla Luce’. I studied photography to degree level and my work, much like Friend’s, used the found image as a starting point.

Whilst clearing out our spare room before Christmas, for family coming to stay, I had the opportunity to go through boxes of all my college work, revisiting sketchbooks and work in progress that had been left forgotten in boxes for years. It was really quite inspiring to see and experience and I got a real yearning to create new work.

I wouldn’t need to take new images as I have enough existing material to work with – its just finding the time. Like everything else I would need to make a plan and set goals and I came up with the notion of working on one image a month throughout 2017 – whether this comes about or not is another matter as I have enough on my plate as it is. I’ll keep you posted on that one.

I love the ‘Dare alla Luce’ series. Friend uses found photographs which she manipulates and ‘re-makes’. She plays with what is visible and what is not visible. By marking her images and piercing them, she re-introduces light into the works and adds a sense of fragility to each piece. They comment on the fragility of our human existence and the passing of time.

Amy Friend - Image from the Dare alla Luce series

Whereas in my images I used layers upon layers to build up narratives, often using the same image as a starting point for different pieces of work, Friend takes away details and strips the images down.

Amy Friend - Image from the Dare alla Luce series

I aim to use photography as a medium that explores the relationship between what is visible and non-visible. I have continued to work on the Dare alla Luce series over a period of time; initially responding to a collection of vintage photographs, retrieved from a variety of sources. Through hand-manipulated interventions I alter and subsequently re-photograph the images “re-making” photographs that oscillate between what is present and absent. I aim to comment on the fragile quality of the photographic object but also on the fragility of our lives, our history. All are lost so easily.

Amy Friend - Image from the Dare alla Luce series

I’m currently sketching ideas out for new jewellery pieces for my Echoes Collection, most of which are drilled and pierced, funny that!

Amy Friend - Image from the Dare alla Luce series

Go check out more of her work here…


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