Happy Christmas!

Apologies for going AWOL again. Blogging is just not something I have much time for of late. What I need is a Milo Minion. I have one in training, but as he’s only 4yrs old, I’ve got to give him the chance to learn to read and write first I guess…

I closed the Milomade HQ doors a few weeks ago so that we could concentrate on some well needed DIY tasks in the run up to Christmas, but orders were still coming in so I have popped back from time to time to complete those and send out festive cheer etc. But it’s been very quiet on the blog front hasn’t it. The last few months have been hectic as I’ve been juggling parenting and work and getting lots of jewellery made, hallmarked and sent off to galleries up and down the country for winter exhibitions.

Anyway this is just a quick post to thank everyone who bought from Milomade and supported me this year. I had a few goals for this year and the main one was to get my work into several galleries and I think I pretty much succeeded in that goal. I’ve been represented by:

– The Craft Centre and Design Gallery in Leeds
– The Weem Gallery in Pittenweem
– The Ferrers Gallery in Leicestershire
– The Millenium Gallery in Sheffield
– The Found Gallery in Dunbar
– The Yorkshire Craft Centre in Bradford

All of the above currently have a selection of my work on display and for sale.

Another exciting new venture has been getting my work into the Scottish Design Exchange in Edinburgh – this is in the Ocean Terminal down in Leith and if you have the chance to pop in you should – it’s full to the brim of fabulous work by Scottish artits and designers/makers.

I also had a great Open Studios event in September, really missed being part of Round The Horn in November, did my first proper craft fair (since being 7 months pregant) in December which went really well too.

I’m really looking forward to 2017. I’ve unfortunately got my tax return to do in January, but after than it’s trade show prep in the run up to BCTF in April and I have tons of other things in the pipeline too, but I’ll save that info for the blog next year.

Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year!


p.s Don’t forget to recycle your Christmas cards you can send them to me (just the card fronts) or do something interesting with them yourself.