Share some Care…

This post is a little ‘off-piste’ but I wanted to share something with you. Although I’m currently focusing on my creative practice Milomade and juggling that with parenting and life in general, some of you may know that I also have another string to my bow that is regularly plucked. Some of you may not, so read on…


I’d like to tell you about an exciting web project I’ve been working on since January this year.

In the past I’ve worked as a web designer and since 2008 have done lots of web and social media work for a company called Wealthflow LLP – chartered financial planners based in Edinburgh. One of their specialisms is supporting families and individuals that have received high value medical negligence awards. In general these cases involve a child with Cerebral Palsy or an adult with brain or spinal injury. Leaving the financial planning side of things out of the equation, Wealthflow want to “give back” and are supporting and funding an online support community – basically a forum website – for specialist care needs families. We’ve called it Carebox.

This is the site address:

Alongside a dedicated programmer, I’ve put lots of work into getting the site built and we launched it earlier this year. It was a bit of a soft launch as the site was still in development. Even though we still have a few glitches here and there and there’s still some behind the scenes work to do, we’re ready to start accepting members and work on creating an active, engaging online community. So far so good. However, what the project really needs now is new SignUps and for the members to be having real-life forum conversations with each other.

The site’s aim is simple – to provide an online support community for families with specialist care needs. It’s a public site that is free to join and is open to anyone over the age of 18. It’s a place to connect with other people and not only share your own stories and experiences, but also offer help and advice, support and reassurance to others. In our terms, you’re either Living it, Loving it or Working it – check out what we mean by that here. Whatever your circumstances, we’d love you to join our community, or at least spread the word about it.

Please will you take a look at the site and let me know your thoughts – comment below, email me, send me a letter, sign up and post on the forums – I’d love your feedback. If you want to Sign Up that would be great – you don’t have to be in a specialist care needs circumstance, just having an interest is enough. And if you see anything in the blog or forum that you think will be of interest to someone you know, do please forward the link to the site and spread the word about it online through social media / email or offline through word of mouth. With a little help we can get the site noticed and our online community can start to grow.

We created the site as a place for online support and a safe place to chat – but these things can’t happen without members, so anything you can to do help us spread the word about Carebox would be very much appreciated!

Thank you for taking the time to read all that.

If this doesn’t interest you, not to worry, I’m sorry for wasting your time. But if it does – get to it and signup and introduce yourself here.