Recycled Glass

13th January 2017

I love stained glass windows, but something that has always cropped up in my Pinterest feed are windows made with recycled glass, mainly bottles. I’ve pinned a few images over the years, but revisited them this week after rediscovering two stained glass panels we have in our house.

The panels are small square windows rescued from the house my partner grew up in. They have a classic tulip design and it is our intention to remove the glass from the wooden frames and add to the design to enlarge the pieces so they fit our front and back doors…. eventually…. when I have the time…. oh jeez I’ll never be able to retire…. my son’ll have to do it when he’s older…. you know the story….

Anyway back to the images I refer to. These are rather different as they use recycled glass and I love the randomness of some of the designs and the perfect symmetry of others, as well as the use of colour and texture.

Stained Glass Panel made from recycled bottles

I love the simplicity of this fantastic light catcher pictured above made from flattened green bottles. It must generate so much colour within the room it’s placed in. Perfect for morning and evening sun.

The two examples below use what I presume are glass bottle bottoms, or lids or dishes. It’s hard to tell if they’re flat or whether their shape projects outwards. I love all the patterns and the mix of sizes and shapes as well as colours.

Stained Glass Panel made from recycled bottles

Oh to have the time and skill to produce something so beautiful.

Stained Glass Panel made from recycled bottles


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