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Work Stuff

I’m just doing a quick update as my work is now avaiable in the run up to Christmas as a few more galleries around the UK. Check my Stockists page for a full list of stockists, but here are the latest three to be added.

Bonhoga Gallery

The Bonhoga Gallery is a publicly funded contemporary art and craft gallery in Shetland, delivering a program of local, national and international visual art and craft exhibitions. A selection of my Echoes, Enduring Love and Antique Silverware Collections are currently on display and are available to buy until the end of the year.

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Hecla Gallery

Hecla Gallery is set within the grounds on Cockensie House and Gardens in East Lothian. The gallery gets it’s name from the distinctive lava-built Grotto tucked away in the central garden of Cockenzie House. The entrance faces the house and is framed by the jawbone of a whale. “Hecla” is marked out in lava over the entrance. The gallery is showcasing a selection of my copper jewllery from my Re-Plumbed and Woodland Collections and these are on sale until the end of January next year.

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Cut The Mustard Gallery

Cut The Mustard is a gallery owned and run by  jeweller Lisa Rothwell-Young and photographer Barry Young. The gallery and gift shop is a large, bright and friendly space with work from over 50 artists and makers. They are currently showcasing a range of pieces from my Echoes, Enduring Love and Antique Silverware Collections and work is on sale until the end of the year.