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There’s a reason for the sunshine in the sky…

The Bellamy Brothers - Let Your Love Flow

I first heard this song on an advert for some sort of credit card or payment process (can’t remember) on the TV years ago – I think it had some guy leaving work and getting into some massively long tube slide that took him all the way home. It’s such a happy jolly song that […]

Some Facebook Tips

Well it’s about time I got round to writing a tutorial about Facebook as I’ve promised so many people that I would. I joined Facebook in April and have written a few posts about it since, mostly offering promotions for my fans etc, but never really disclosed that much information about how to set up […]

Twelve thousand miles away from your smile

Work Stuff

Through watching Wallander I’ve discovered the dulcet tones of Emily Barker. This is the original song that was used for the Wallander theme, written by Emily Barker and performed with her band The Red Clay Halo. ‘Nostalgia’ emanates from the acclaimed album Despite The Snow and was adapted for Wallander by Emily and composer Martin […]