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500 Facebook Fan Giveaway!

Well my fans have been steadily growing and I can’t believe I’m nearing 500 fans on Facebook already. I have been busy exploring Facebook and connecting with lots of creative folk, so this has helped and been an enjoyable though time consuming process. But if it helps to raise the Milomade profile it’s all worth […]

‘Bulk Buy’ Paper Garlands Now Available

I’ve had a few email enquiries about my Paper Garlands since I added them to my Zibbet shop. I’m so glad people love them as I love making them and have also got some out decorating the house – they look great! The enquiries have mostly for people’s weddings and parties. In these instances people […]

And the winners are…

Wow in just a month I have managed to get over 200 fans on my Milomade Facebook page! So it’s time to announce the winners of my 200th fan giveaway! I’ve been working hard connecting and chatting and linking to/with other folk on Facebook and I’ve discovered so much creativity and amazing sites/blogs/shops through this […]

200th Fan Giveaway!

Well I’ve been on Facebook since the beginning of April and I can’t believe I’m nearing 200 fans already! So once I hit the 200 mark I’m going to do another giveaway. This is to say a huge thank you for all the support my fans have given me this month and how much they’ve […]

And the Winner is…

This morning I found out that I’ve amassed over 100 fans this weekend on Facebook! I think that’s quite amazing. Thank you to everyone for popping by and becoming a fan and spreading lots of Milomade love on Facebook and on Twitter for me – I really appreciate it. I’m totally new to Facebook and […]

100 Facebook Fans = Promotion Time!

I recently wrote a post where I said that my 100th fan on Facebook would receive an exclusive 30% discount off any item in my shop. I’ve slept on this idea and decided this morning that this wasn’t fair on all the other people who have become fans. So I’ve decided to change the promotion […]

Become my 100th fan and get money off!

I’ve decided to fully embrace facebook this week and give it another go. The last time I attempted joining I didn’t set up a personal profile and just a fan page for Milomade. This made it impossible for me to connect with other facebook users and become a fan of other pages. So after realising […]

10% off my Button Flower Brooches this Easter weekend!

I’m going to be offering a 10% off any of the Button Flower Brooches in my Zibbet shop this weekend! All you have to do to get the discount code is spread a little love about Milomade online – be this on Twitter, through your blog or on Facebook. You could tweet about some of […]