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7 Sails Phase 5 – Part 3

Today I set about finishing off the bases for all three brooches, which meant soldering the bezels of the two larger brooches onto copper bases. Things get trickier the larger the area requiring to be soldered and the largest base took three attempts to get it complete. Luckily the medium sized brooch was an absolute […]

7 Sails Phase 5 – Part 2

I’ve been working away on ideas for the 7 Sails project and have been toying with the idea of creating three little sculptures or three brooches. Working with copper and my electronic components I want to create 3D swarming princesses as depicted in the painting by Sarah Roberts. I’m still not sure whether they’re going […]

7 Sails Phase 5 – Part 1

I’ve been selected to participate in phase 5 of the 7 Sails project set up by artist Pat Law at Heriot Toun Studio. I’m the 5th artist in an eventual chain of seven and the artists who have so far come before me in this chain are Sarah Roberts, a visual artist from England; Jerker […]