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7 Sails Phase 5 – Part 5

15th July 2009

With the first brooch finished, I asked Colin to take some photo’s of it this morning as I needed some decent shots of the brooch for the Heriot-Toun website. I wanted to show it off in all it’s glory and my little camera just isn’t up to the job.  So we took quite a few images from different angles as well a few of me wearing it and I’m really happy with the images.

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7 Sails Phase 5 – Part 4

14th July 2009

I have had no end of bother with my electronic bits and pieces. The soldering didn’t work so I ordered some air dry clay and moulded one dome to do as a test. I plunged the electronics through and positioned them the way I wanted them and then left it to dry out over night, hoping that the clay would shrink slightly and hold the electronics in place. The results were far from satisfactory so it was back to sitting and thinking.

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7 Sails Phase 5 – Part 3

2nd July 2009

Today I set about finishing off the bases for all three brooches, which meant soldering the bezels of the two larger brooches onto copper bases. Things get trickier the larger the area requiring to be soldered and the largest base took three attempts to get it complete. Luckily the medium sized brooch was an absolute doddle to solder and worked first time, so I didn’t need to stress too much this morning.

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