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Every step I take, everyday I live, everything I see…

3rd May 2010

I love the music that One Eskimo produce, but I also love the animations that accompany their songs. I fell in love with the animation for their song Hometime and with the music too, but recently I’ve heard their song Kandi on Last.fm and it’s been getting a lot of plays within my library and I’ve just discovered this beautifully sad animation that goes with it. Watch an listen and I’m sure you’ll love it.

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Twelve thousand miles away from your smile

29th March 2010
Work Stuff

Through watching Wallander I’ve discovered the dulcet tones of Emily Barker. This is the original song that was used for the Wallander theme, written by Emily Barker and performed with her band The Red Clay Halo. ‘Nostalgia’ emanates from the acclaimed album Despite The Snow and was adapted for Wallander by Emily and composer Martin Phipps.  ‘Twelve thousand miles away from your smile’ is one of my favourite lines – it’s the passion she sings it with. Have a listen – you’ll love it…

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