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Rhubarb Pudding Cake

Rhubarb Pudding Cake

I’ve been doing a lot of baking lately and the other day made a really lovely rhubarb pudding cake. I picked a load of rhubarb from our clifftop and filled the fridge with it. Rather than make the usual rhubarb crumbles and stick them in the freezer (although I will be making a few of […]

Bring back the Bees

Recently we spent a whole weekend clearing the patch of ground on the other side of the garden wall. This patch has always been covered in nettles, goosegrass and ivy which would creep over the wall and invade the garden. It also wasn’t nice to walk down the path at the bottom of the garden […]

Green Gooseberry Jam

I’ve just re-dsicoverd my River Cottage Handbook No 2 – Preserves by  Pam Corbin. I forgot I had this book! One of the first recipes listed is for Green Gooseberry Jam with elderflower and I think I’m going to attempt to make it at the weekend. Our gooseberries are doing well despite the caterpillar attack […]

Baking Success!

Last year I made sourdough bread – which is bread made with naturally occurring yeast and it’s a task that takes practice and experimentation until you get the results you want, so I’d heard, but I couldn’t believe my beginners luck. The first batch of loaves came out perfectly. I gave up the bread baking […]

Bread with no yeast!

I’ve been reading up about sourdough bread again recently, which is bread made with naturally occurring yeast rather than the stuff you get in a packet from the supermarket. I’ve been wanting to succeed with this for a long time and have followed a few recipes in books and from friends but nothing has worked […]