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Enduring Love Collection

30th January 2015
Enduring Love Collection - Heart Ring

It’s taken me a while to get here but I’m almost ready to launch my Enduring Love collection. This is a collection of jewellery made from the bowls of antique silver spoons. It began several years ago with just a few pendants and earrings to match, but it’s grown over the past year to include brooches, neclets, rings and a few different types of earrings.

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Sneak preview of my new collection

9th December 2014
Enduring Love Collection

I’ve been working steadily over the past few months on a new collection of jewellery. It’s based on a few pieces I’ve always made and have sold successfully in the past. I just want to expand the range and develop it fully as I intend to launch the collection at BCTF next year.

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