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Creative Exchange – Part 3

9th June 2010
Drilling Disaster

Last week I cut the two rods of acrylic I received into small discs as I decided to make an orange neckpiece and a green neckpiece too. The next task was to drill two holes into each disc and this is where things went horribly wrong. I nearly cried as it took me so long to cut all the discs out and drilling holes into the acrylic was impossible…read on…

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Creative Exchange – Part 2

2nd June 2010
Buttercup Chain

I’ve been working through ideas of what to do with my pieces of coloured acrylic and because the clay pieces that also came in  the box, along with the acrylic,  are flower-like, I’m going to use these as a starting point for my piece(s). I want to make something wearable and tactile and bright – something evoking spring/summer that’s got movement and a flow about it. So I’m thinking along the lines of making a set of jewellery – maybe a neckpiece with earrings to match and/or a bracelet. Or maybe some sort of brooch or collection of brooches.

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