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Floppy Discs put to good use…

19th February 2016
Nick Gentry - Floppy Disc Art

I recently threw out a load of old zip files – obsolute technology containing files I can no longer access. I’ve held onto them for so long, but decided at last that there was no point keeping them as the information stored on them was now no longer accessible. I wish I’d know about the work of Nick Gentry  and I could’ve donated them to a worthy cause – Art!
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The Work of Stuart Haygarth

5th February 2016
Stuart Haygarth - Optical (detail)

I discovered the artist Stuart Haygarth a few years ago when I saw his piece entitled ‘Tide’ at the Usher Gallery in Lincoln. Suspended from the ceiling, a huge sphere is made up clear and translucent objects (mainly plastics), that the tide washed up on a specific stretch of Kent coastline. The sphere of the chandelier is an analogy for the moon which effects the tides, which in turn wash up the debris. I loved everything about it.
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You’ll never look at a toilet roll in the same way ever again…

27th January 2016
You’ll never look at a toilet roll in the same way ever again...

When you become a parent, cardboard takes on a whole new meaning. It’s such a versatile material and kids love the stuff. Can’t get enough of it. Our recycling bin over the past few years has been raided so many times and cardboard has become such a precious thing that we rarely throw it out unless it’s been put to good use first.

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