I’ve always wanted to live by the sea. I have fond memories of childhood holidays on the southern coast of England breathing in the sea air, visiting lighthouses and hearing foghorns. Something magical got into my blood and I’ve been driven to return to the coast ever since.

In 2008 this dream came true when we moved to a clifftop house in Kinghorn over looking the Firth of Forth with views out to the Isle of May and Bass Rock. It’s no coincidence that Milomade also started in 2008.

My Inspiration

I walk on the beach everyday and it’s great to be able to just listen to the sound of the waves, the seagulls and the sea washing in and out of the pebbles. It’s a really reflective time for me. I’m often with my son, exploring, but I especially love it when I’m just out with the dog as I get a chance to reflect on what I’m working on, think through ideas and problems and I often come up with solutions that I can’t wait to rush back to the studio and try out.

I’ve always been interested in the found object. A lot of my work at art college and photography college has been based on found objects, images and texts. I guess it’s the ‘lost porperty inspector’ within me (that’d be my ideal job by the way) that finds these things fascinating. I want to know where these things have travelled from, whether they were once cherished and lost or unwanted and discarded? I want to know the stories and journeys. Take an old battered teaspoon for example – how many cups of tea has it stirred, by whom and what were the conversations it heard? I want to take things in, cherish them and give them new life.