I’m a Featured Seller on Folksy!

How wonderful! Every month 4 sellers on Folksy get chosen as ‘featured sellers’ and at the end of the month their names go into a hat and the first one pulled out gets to pick next months featured sellers.

So Nicola at Pouch got pulled out of the hat and so it was her task to pick the featured sellers for February. Her Folksy shop can be found here

I was just browsing through the Folksy Forum and noticed a thread about the new featured sellers, clicked through to the blog from there so see my name amongst the list. I can’t believe my luck! I’ve only had my shop open for a few weeks and I’ve made two sales and now I’m a featured seller. I’m chuffed to bits.

Read about Nicola’s choices here

This is what she said about milomade – I love the term Eco Chic – going to have to start using that myself as I think it perfectly describes my products:

I am big fan of ‘eco chic’, I love to see people creating items from recycled materials. Milomade’s shop contains innovative and funky bracelets made from safety pins, badges made from repurposed envelopes and jewellery created using recycled buttons. Top of my wish list is an ‘Autumnal Dream’ bracelet, I didn’t even know they were safety pins until I looked closer, always a good sign of clever recycling.

See the Folksy blog post about February’s Features Sellers here
Have a look at my shop here

4 thoughts on “I’m a Featured Seller on Folksy!

  1. milomade says:

    I still consider myself a ‘lesser mortal’ and don’t think I can live up to this new celebrity status that I’ve suddenly acquired – so yes!

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