Scrap Exchange Challenge Exhibition

If you’re a follower of my blog, you’ll know that I was involved in a very interesting project recently which involved making a piece of work from another artist’s rubbish. I was sent a shoebox in the post with lots of interesting items within it and set to work on making a piece of work or two. You can read more about that process here. I just thought I’d write a quick post to update you on what has happened to the work…

I took my two necklaces up to St Andrews and they are now in an exhibition in the foyer of the Town Hall. I didn’t manage to get any decent images of my two necklaces before taking them up which is a shame – it was all a bit rushed at the time, so I think I’ll have to go uo next week with my camera and mini studio tent and get some quick pics of them so that I can put them on my website – now that I’ve revamped it and all…

You can see some images of some of the other works in the exhibtion on the FCA&C blog and also the FCA&C website (click on launch gallery). I can’t wait to go up and see the exhibition and find out what scrap people started out with.

The shoebox I sent out was full of pieces of scrap music and maps as I’d been busy making paper garlands and confetti at the time. I thought sheets of music and map with lots of hearts and circle cut out of them looked quite interesting. I think Susie Imber got my scrap and this is the work she created:

Looks like some kind of musical device! Kind of reminds me a bit of something from the 70’s TV show The Clangers and I can’t wait to get a closer look!

So if you’re in St Andrews anytime now until the 16th September, make sure you pop into the Town Hall and have a look at the exhibition and let me know what you think – you can leave feedback and comments on this blog but also on the FCA&C blog too.