This beautiful christening spoon was assayed in 1975 by Cooper Brothers & Sons Ltd, Sheffield.

Commission to transform a family heirloom in a beautiful unique ring

Evie has turned what was a lovely celtic silver teaspoon into a stunning celtic ring. It had been sitting in a box of childhood nick nacks that my mum passed to me ages ago. I had a light bulb moment when I thought about what Evie might be able to do with it to get it out of that box (where it has been for probably 40 years) and turn it into something that could be on show. She’s certainly done that, it’s hardly been off my finger since I got it. I showed it to my parents at the weekend and discovered a new fact about it – I thought it was a christening gift to me but it was in fact it was a christening gift given to my sister. Sadly I lost my sister to the evil C so the fact that I get to wear something of hers everyday is even better.