BCTF2018 Here I come….

British Craft Trade Fair 2018

In a few weeks time (holy crap so soon!!!) I’ll be back in Harrogate for the British Craft Trade Fair. Am I ready? No way near!

But I’m on the case and working through my to do list steadily, quietly hoping everything will fall into place just as it did last year.

I’ve got all my jewellery made, apart from new spoon ring designs that are arriving each day, so I’m concentrating on my display this week and deciding on the best way to present my work to the masses. I’m on stand 127 this year – I chose to be on the same stand as last year as it was a good spot with plenty of light and close to the entrance and the loo (very important). But this year the stand number is different.

My vinyl text order arrived this morning so I can update my logo board with my new branding (yay) and can’t wait to see how it looks. If you follow me on Instagram (you should!) you’ll have seen lots of my trade show prep images already – you can get a sneak peek of those on my Behind The Scenes page, or just find me on Instagram.

I’m still waiting on wooden display blocksto be delivered, that will need sanding and painting before I can use them, so my display prep at the moment is focused on making a pull out shelf for one of my stands. I’m showcasing my three jewellery collections made from spoons again this year, but as my Enduring Love collection only comrpises 6 pieces and I want to put emphasis on my other two collections, I thought I’d hide it away and only display it as and when required. Hence the pull out shelf.

I’m also spending most of every evening at my computer updating my website – as I need to updated all stock prices and quantities and create wholesale duplicates of all my products so that stockists can start ordering online once I’ve registered them with an account. It takes up so much time, but hoping I’ll have it all done by the end of next week.

Better get back to that right now…


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