Woo Hoo – I’m back!

I'm back from BCTF 2018

So today was my first day back at work since I travelled down to Yorkshire for the British Craft Trade Fair. I got back to Scotland late last Wednesday, but as my son was still off school and I was totally exhausted from all that driving, socialising, working and catching up with friends, I thought I’d take the rest of the week off to recover.

I’m so glad I did.

My focus for today was a spoon ring stock check and the need to update my online shop, spreadsheets and offline log of spoon ring designs as I had a few orders at the show and 8 designs are now totally sold out. As all my rings are small limited edition sets, I need to keep track of sales and orders constantly and I’ve now updated all my lists as well as sorted out all the rings I need to make in the next few weeks to fulfuill the orders I got at BCTF.

The show this year was quieter than last year, which was a bit of a shame as I was hoping to ride on the wave of last years success, but it just seemed that the show was smaller in size overall and it just wasn’t as busy. So many factors could be to blame and it’s hard to know what to focus on, but I got orders which is what counts and I’ve got tons of follow-ups to do this week, so I’ve not come home disappointed. In fact I’ve had some amazing emails from galleries and buyers already, which I can’t divulge the details of now – but soon I hope.

This is the stuff I had to cram into my tiny hire car, but it all fitted in nicely…

The British Craft Trade Fair 2018

And transformed into this beautiful display…
The British Craft Trade Fair 2018

The British Craft Trade Fair 2018

This is me at the start of day one – my mentor, Jenny Creasey popped by my stand to wish me well and see how I was getting on and to take a few photos.

Jenny helped me get my head into gear doing my first ever BCTF in 2015 and I’m still taking advantage of the advice she gave me all those years ago.

Her support, encouragement, advice, constructive criticism and ideas were brilliant then and have helped me go from strength to strength each year. I love doing BCTF and have never really felt stressed as she got me into that forward thinking frame of mind and got me planning a year in advance. She also helped me realise everything I needed in order to be successful at the show and after it, by getting me to see things from the buyers perspective with regards to packaging, point of sale display, shelf life etc, putting buyers at ease by knowing my price points, markups, T&C’s.

It’s always made me come across as professional and not the bumbling idiot I sometimes perceive myself to be. Each year I make mistakes but I’ve learnt from these and that’s just made me more prepared and organised the following year. In fact I’m already planning my display for next year.

The British Craft Trade Fair 2018 The British Craft Trade Fair 2018 The British Craft Trade Fair 2018

I was still smiling on Day three…

The British Craft Trade Fair 2018

I’ll be updating my stockists page soon with some lovely new places for you to buy my jewellery from so watch this space!

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