Personalised Little Details Pendant Commission

I got a lovely email in the run up to Christmas. A customer wanting to commission me to make a pendant for his wife that incorporated the initials of their children. He was open to ieas and that his wife would appreciate the recycled/reuse nature of my work.

I had a look through my collections to see if any individual pieces would lend themselves to personalisation abd settled on my Little Details collection. The circle pendants gave me a few ideas. So I played around with individual circle elements and introduced some little hearts that were to hand.

Milomade Commission - Personalised Little Details Circle Pendant

The idea of a pendant design that incorporated initials stamped into little hearts was suggested. Oncw the idea was approved, I set to work.

Milomade Commission - Personalised Little Details Circle Pendant

My usual pendants have two circles that hang independently of each other. The addition of the two hearts meant adjustments had to me made to the design. I had to take gravity into account. If the two circles weren’t joined together somehow, the hearts would gravitate downwards and overlap. So I came up with a few options to avoid that. There were a few options. Solder the circles together to create one static element. Or drill a hole through both and use a ring to keep them together but also allow for movement.

I opted for the latter and here is how the finished pendant turned out.

Milomade Commission - Personalised Little Details Circle Pendant

Evie designed the perfect gift for my wife using ethical recycled silver – a personalised circle pendant incorporating our childrens initials. The commission was turned around very quickly and packaged beautifully.
Peter Stuart, England

Commission me…

If you have an idea for a personalised piece of jewellery, simply get in touch to discuss your ideas. I’d be happy to go over different options with you.

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