Testimonials and Product Feedback

Providing a Testimonial and Product Review

Well hello there! We’re midway through January and I still haven’t done my tax return! I thought what better way to procrastinate than to add a new feature to my website and write a blog post all about it all. So here I am doing just that.

Getting feedback from customers is amazing. It helps me improve my products, my sales pitch, the way I present my work, the way it’s packaged etc. It’s all for the better. So even if you’ve got something negative to say, I can still work with that in order to make improvements to my service or to a specific product.

Here’s a selection of some of the pieces commissioned and bought as gifts in December.

What a beautiful array of loveliness…

Selection of December Pre-Christmas Sales

I am so glad I put in the effort in this time last year to re-design and re-build my website using WordPress and Woocommerce. It’s been going from strength to strength and it still needs a lot of work put in, but I’m getting there slowly and steadily. I’ve really been reaping the rewards lately.

My new online shop works so much better than the previous version I had. I was absolutely inundated with orders and commissions, retail and wholesale, in the run up to Christmas. At some points I felt I wasn’t going to be able to keep up with demand. But I did and I really did appreciate being able to put my feet up over Christmas and do nothing for a while.

So I’m now asking you a big big favour.

Would you be willing to provide me with a testimonial or product review?

It makes me so happy that so many of you beautiful people out there in the world love my work and have bought it, either to treat yourself, or someone special in your life.  It’d be great to share your stories here in my journal, on my testimonials page and on my Instagram and Facebook profiles.


Why did you buy what you did?

Who was it for?

Do they love it?

Do you?

Did it bring a smile to someone’s face?

Were they totally suprised?

Please share your stories with me! You can comment on this post, but you can also do one or both of the following…

Leaving a Product Review

If you’ve bought something from this website, you’ll have an account with my online shop. You can login and find the product that you purchased and leave a product review on the product page. This kind of feedback not only helps me, it also helps other customers who are thinking of purchasing the same item.

Providing a Testimonial

Another option is a testimonial. If you’ve purchased from me or received something Milomade as a gift, you can leave a testimonial by following this link and filling out my new online form! I’ve only tested it myself so the first few folk who attempt it will be my guinea pigs. Hopefully it will all go smoothly. There’s a bit of information on the page about filling the form out so hopefully it’s pretty self explanatory.


Thank you so much in advance for taking the time to read all of this and also if you do go ahead and provide feedback and/or a testimonial or both. It’s so important to me as a business that I’ve even produced a card that will go out with every order from now on as a prompt for customers old and new.

One thought on “Testimonials and Product Feedback

  1. Penny Weir says:

    I saw Evie’s work at the Winter Exhibition at the Station Gallery in Kinghorn. I had no hesitation in ordering one of her Little Story pieces and commissioned her to make a ‘P is for Puffin’ (and Penny!). I paid a deposit and my beautiful piece of work was ready within a few weeks, just in time for Christmas. Over the years I have decided to save money and buy beautiful objects, like the Puffin piece, because I find that I never tire of them, they give me endless pleasure. What can seem an indulgent expenditure at the time pales significantly over the years. Never economise on luxuries!!!

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