Summer Sale Coming Your Way

Milomade - Antique Silverware Collection - Wearable heirlooms made from recycled sterling silver teaspoons

Well it’s now June! How did that happen?

Not long until I’m on holiday, melting in the sun and milking goats!

Yep you read that right! Milking goats!!! I’m whisking my family off over the summer to house-sit a small farm in the sunshine. The sunshine bit is not my favourite part of the deal as I don’t fair well in hot weather, but the bonus is that we’ll be looking after dogs, cats, chickens and goats.

So what better time to do a wee summer sale to clear the decks of old stock and make way for new?

If you’ve been watching my Instagram grid and stories, you’ll know that I have recently acquired some really beautiful spoon sets in various gorgeous designs and will be launching these in my online shop quite soon.

My spoon rings come in limited edition sets of up to 10 rings and last week I sifted through my existing stock and picked out 15 gorgeous designs where there is only one ring left in the limited edition set.

Currently priced at £70, these 15 rings will be going on sale at a reduced price of £50.

Have a scroll through the slideshow below to see which ring designs will be in the sale:

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