#FridayFaves BCTF Shout Out 02

BCTF 2020 - #FridayFaves

I’m back with another BCTF Shout Out list of amazing designer/makers who would’ve exhibited at the British Craft Trade Fair this weekend along side me, selling to the public and to trade buyers.

Most of us will hopefully be back in 2021, but in the meantime, why not check out their BCTF pages and websites and browse the amazing work on offer and support them by buying direct if they sell their work online.

With so many of our stockists closed for business, the wholeside side of our businesses has practically dried up and individual makers like myself could really do with your support over the coming months, even if it’s just a small purchase.

Every little helps!

Visit their websites, follow them on the socials, comment on their posts, share what you like/love with friends and family – you never know, someone might surprise you with a gift of something handcrafted by one of these makers because of your actions…and if not, why not treat yourself!

So here’s a big BCTF shout out to the following makers…


Humblewood’s products are designed and created in Great Britain using sustainable hardwoods, sourced mainly from Cumbria and Yorkshire. Their range is varied and includes fridge magnet vase,quirky Wonky clocks, All-in-a-row vases, In-the-round table centres, Five-Too wall clocks, iSmart phone stands, key rings and stools.

Humblewood would've been at BCTF this year exhibiting their range of products made from sustainable hardwoods.

Based in: Cumbria
Website: www.humblewood.uk
Visit Humblewood’s BCTF Page here…

Emma-Jane Rule Silversmith

Using the technique of fold-forming alongside traditional silversmithing practices, Emma-Jane Rule explores the intriguing nature of metals. Her unique creations are tactile, sculptural and have an organic flow, reflecting the lines and rhythms found in the natural world, which is where she finds her inspiration.

BCTF Shout Out to Emma-Jane Rule Silversmith.

Based in: Leicester
Website: www.emma-janerulesilversmith.co.uk
Visit Emma’s BCTF Page here…

Emma Williams Ceramics

Emma is a ceramic artist, making low fired, press-moulded decorative bowls, plates and brooches from terracotta and black clays. She dips, pours and brushes on slips, dry turquoise and purple barium glazes and textured crawl glazes to create colourful tactile surfaces.

BCTF Shout Out to Emma Williams, a ceramic artist based in Nottingham.

Based in: Nottingham
Website: www.ew-ceramics.co.uk
Visit Emma’s BCTF Page here…

Helen Shere Design

Helen Shere designs and makes silver jewellery inspired by her surroundings, finding delicate beauty, detail and charm in an urban environment. Her jewellery collections are mainly in silver with accents of copper or gold leaf for colour and depth, and include delicate silver birds and leaves, intricate layered pendants along with detailed and illustrative stamped decoration.

BCTF Shout Out to Helen Shere who makes exquisite jewellery inspired by her surroundings.

Based in: Nottingham
Website: www.sheredesign.co.uk
Visit Helen’s BCTF Page here…

Yellow Room Designs

Artist Tessa Townsend makes striking ceramic coasters tough enough to take on even the hottest cup of tea, and as beautiful and diverse as Yorkshire’s unspoilt countryside and urban cityscapes. She uses ceramic bases with cork backing, decorated with vibrant contemporary prints, to create her range of chunky coasters.

Artist Tessa Townsend makes striking ceramic coasters tough enough to take on even the hottest cup of tea, and as beautiful and diverse as Yorkshire’s unspoilt countryside and urban cityscapes.

Based in: Leeds
Website: www.yellowroomdesigns.co.uk
Visit Tessa’s BCTF Page here…

So there you have it – another wee taste of what would have been on show at BCTF this year if it had gone ahead. There will be another BCTF Shout Out next week.

Please support these makers!

I hope everyone is staying home and keeping safe!

2 thoughts on “#FridayFaves BCTF Shout Out 02

  1. Pat McKenzie says:

    Enjoying your blogs, Evie! What a lovely idea to highlight other artists and makers, and their work. I’m keeping your notes for future reference!
    I hope you’re surviving in these crazy times. I know you were very apprehensive about the possibility of the Craft Trade Fair being cancelled…and of course it has been. Tough times for any small business but I’m sure you’ll come through it. Your jewellery’s beautiful and unique, and there are many people who appreciate those qualities.
    Stay safe, keep well!
    Love to you and your family.
    Pat xx

  2. Evie Milo says:

    Thanks for your comment Pat! The show must go on certainly. I’m not getting as much time in the studio these days, but when I am in there I’m making lots of new things. Not having any deadlines hanging over my head has freed me up to play and create new things. Hopefully what I make, I can sell. I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog posts. I’m trying to post at least once a week now and get into a routine with it so that I can keep folk up to date with what I’m up to. Also… the British Craft Trade Fair was cancelled, but they are thinking of doing some kind of virtual fair online later on this year, which sounds interesting.

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