Spoon Earrings Now Available

New Spoon Earrings made from the stems of antique silver teaspoons

So far during this lockdown I’ve made two things I put on my #BucketList of projects. My Jellyfish Pendants and now these new Spoon Earrings. That’s one of the positive things that’s come out of this lockdown – I’ve been able to experiment and try ideas out that have been lingering on my to do list for a long time.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know all about my new Spoon Earrings as I posted a few progress shots in my Stories last week.

Like my Jellyfish Pendants, each pair of these earrings is totally unique.

I normally buy teaspoons in sets of 6 and up until now have only ever made rings from the stems. There are several designs in my drawer that have been slow sellers, so what better way to get them into the limelight than to do something radical with them. Make Spoon Earrings!

This is the first pair I made…

New earrings made from a pair of Antique Sterling Silver Teaspoons

I handcrafted the earwires from EcoSilver and punched small silver discs from a flattened spoon bowl. All the silver used is therefore recycled silver. When all the elements were combined I ended up with 4 gorgeous unique pairs of earrings.

Aren’t these ones gorgeous!

New earrings made from a pair of Antique Sterling Silver Teaspoons

The spoon stems are drilled at the top and then suspended from the earwires to allow them to dangle and move. The drop ranges from 3.5 to 4.5cm depending on the design.

These are the longest pair with the most intricate design. Simply lovely!

Milomade Spoon Earrings made from a pair of Antique Sterling Silver Teaspoons

I’m only making one pair in each design and hoping to get some more made this week. I’d really love to get your feedback on this new product.

The first four pairs are now on sale in my online shop.

New earrings made from a pair of Antique Sterling Silver Teaspoons

So far none have sold, but that maybe down to the fact that I launched them over the weekend – it’s been really sunny and no-one in their right mind should be indoors if the sun is out. I’m hoping you’ve all been out in your gardens or out for walk, getting some well needed fresh air and sunshine.

Here are some of the designs I’m hoping to transform into earrings this week… have you got any favourites?

More spoon stems I'm hoping to transform into earrings.

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