Spread some joy with a Happy Box

Happy Boxes are available in my online shop now. Full of gorgeous goodness!

If you’d like to spread some joy and happiness, purchase a Happy Box from my online shop. It’ll give you all the ingredients you need to generate a few smiles and lots of fun!

Happy Boxes - Some of the contents, greetings cards, chocolates, rainbow stickers

The best thing about sending letters is when you get something back. The joy of finding a handwritten letter on your doormat is beyond compare.

I’ve had a month of writing letters to friends and family. April was National Letter Writing Month and during lockdown it was the perfect way to send lots of smiles through the post. I got really creative and decorated my letters and envelopes. I even designed a few greetings cards that could be coloured in and sent a few of these out to friends who have kids, including packs of crayons and stickers.

They were so popular and I got lots of thanks and praise for them that I thought I’d make a few more and add them to my online shop. I’ve created little Happy Boxes full of goodies.

Each box contains:

  • 6 Greetings Cards I’ve designed with black and white outlined illustrations to colour in
  • 6 Envelopes – 2nd class stamp can be added as an extra
  • Rainbow stickers to decorate your envelopes
  • A pack of 12 crayons for the colouring in
  • A pack of 6 rainbow badges for you to wear and share
  • 5 Heart chocolates
  • A pack of sunflower seeds for you to grow with kid friendly instructions

They’re available in my online shop now!

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