We can be heroes!

Painted studio window to make passers by smile

I painted my studio window recently, with the help of my son, using chalk pens. I’m hoping it brings joy and makes people smile as they pass by my studio. As the sunnier days approach, I hope the music blaring out of my open window will lift a few spirits too.

I’ve been singing this song a lot lately – it is one of my favourite Bowie songs. I’m sharing it as my #FridayFaves this week. If I was on Desert Island Discs, this would be the one I would chose to be one of my 8 tracks. To me, it’s so uplifting and I love it when it comes on the radio when I driving in my car – something I’ve not done for a long time now – the volume always gets turned up full and I sing along at the top of my voice…

We can all be heroes at the moment!

Whether it’s looking out for friends and family, shopping for an elderly neighbour, walking someone’s dog if they’re not able to do so or just sending a short letter in the post to make someone smile.

I’ve been been blown away on my daily walks around my village by the effort people have taken to decorate their windows, to hang up bunting, to write positive statements and affirmations on the pavement in chalk. All these things make me smile and also encourage me to join in.

I tried to write and send a letter every day in April and did quite well, but I’ve got a little bit of catching up to do over the weekend to finish off my final few letters and get them in the post. I’ve been lucky to have received letters and postcards back and it’s been so lovely to return to the analogue way of communicating. It’s amazing to find a letter addressed to you on your doormat. Something someone has taken the time to sit down and write. I love to decorate my envelopes and boxes and have started drawing rainbows on everything I send out.

So much so that I’ve designed and printed some greetings cards with outlines of rainbows and flowers on that can be coloured in. I got my son to colour some of them, but I’ve also enjoyed doing this myself. I’m hoping they bring joy to those that receive them.

I’m currently in the process of putting together some packs so you’ll be able to send smiles in the post too. The packs will contain a set of cards you and/or your kids can colour in and send, some crayons for the colouring bit, some chocolates, cos who doesn’t love a bit of chocolate, a pack of sunflower seeds to grow some joy and some rainbow badges so you can wear some joy too.

Sending smiles in the post - a set of cards I've designed that can be coloured in and sent via snail mail.

I only have enough supplies to make up 20 boxes and they will be available with or without 2nd class stamps for the cards. I’ll be listing them in my shop next week so keep a look out for them!

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