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Happy Pin Boxes and Hashtag Pin Cards

I’ve just added two new products to my online shop. My Hashtag Pins have always been really popular and I’ve just given them a bit of a twist.

You can now buy Hashtag Pin Cards as well as a new variation of my Happy BoxesHappy Pin Boxes.

So what are Hashtag Pin Cards?

Well, they’re a greeting card with a hashtag pin attached to them, with messages like…

Happy Pin Boxes - You're my Hero #Hashtag Pin

Or this…

Happy Pin Boxes - You are awesome #Hashtag Pin


Happy Pin Boxes - Oh fuckit #Hashtag Pin

The cards are blank on the inside, apart from the green diamond shape that surrounds the pin, so you can add a message before gifting.

The cards are priced at £20 and this includes postage – there’s a coupon code in the shop listing that you need to enter at the checkout to cancel out standard shipping for this item.

So what are Happy Pin Boxes then?

They are very much like my Happy Boxes which I launched recently, but instead of cards to colour in, crayons and seeds packets, my Happy Pin Boxes include one of my new Hashtag Pin Cards, some chocolates, a strip of rainbow labels and your choice of a pack of rainbow badges or a rainbow pocket mirror.

Happy Pin Boxes - You're my Hero #Hashtag Pin
Happy Pin Boxes - You're my Hero #Hashtag Pin

These boxes are priced at £30 and the price includes the postage.

As with my original Happy Boxes, I can ship these cards and boxes to the recipient. You simply enter the recipient’s name and address at the checkout for the delivery address and I can post out direct. So I’m also the option to include a message.

What’s not to like?

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