Olson Face Masks are now available

The Olson Mask - Face Mask

While it’s not a requirement by law to wear a face mask in the UK, government guidelines [Point 10] for face masks state ‘people should aim to wear a face covering in enclosed spaces where social distancing is not always possible’. Over the long weeks of Lockdown face masks in the UK have become a much more common sighting. There’s more information from the government here on wearing face masks.

I started making these face masks at the start of Lockdown and then had to stop as I ran out of thread. That was soon remedied with an online order and production got on the way again.

The first masks I made were for my partner as he was the one who has been venturing out each week to do the weekly shop and I wanted him to keep him safe. Fabric masks offer the benefit of being able to be washed and re-used.

The Olson Mask - Face Mask

They are based on the Olson Mask pattern. I did a bit of research on face mask patterns and settled on the Olson Mask as it is curved to fit the nose and mouth area, and there is a filter pocket on the inside to add an extra layer of protection should you feel you need it. I also chose this pattern as I found an adapted version of it to make it in child sizes, but I’ve not felt the need to venture down that route as yet. But I can make child sizes on request.

I then made a few for friends and myself. They’ve been very positively received. Originally they were made with elastic, but this I found wasn’t very adaptable, so I have made the rest with cotton strap that can be adjusted and tied as tight as you’d like them.

The Olson Mask - Face Mask

I’ve added all the designs I have in stock to my online shop today.

I first made small batches of masks from scraps of cotton fabrics left over from making messenger bags and sun hats and there are only a few of each of these designs.

The blue mask pictured here with the yellow spots is the result of a weekend long sewing-fest where I cut enough pattern piece to sew 50 masks in this design. I have 10 made up already, but can easily sew another 40 as I have the pieces ready to assemble.

After reading the latest copy of the Fife Free Press, I have decided to list these masks for sale and donate £2 from each sale to The Ecology Centre here in Kinghorn , Fife where I live, who are a charity urgently needing to raise £10,000 to make sure they can remain open after the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted and continue to provide essential services to the local community in Kinghorn and across Fife. Find out more here…

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