New LTD Collection Launched

LTD Collection Launches Today!

I’m so exhausted! I have been up late for weeks. Every night after my son has gone to bed, I’ve been editing endless photos of my new work and writing product descriptions. Team that with social media posts and newsletter promotion and you’ll understand why I’m knackered. I’ve not really thought about anything else lately but this new collection.

It’s been hard work! But hopefully it’s all been worth it.

Yesterday I launched my new LTD collection at 9am and a few pieces have already sold! Yay!

Love Heart Pendant made from recycled sterling silver teaspoons

What is LTD?

During Lockdown I’ve been working with limited materials and resources. Each piece of jewellery I’ve made during this time is unique. I was trying to think of a word that described this body of work, but could also be used post-covid, as I intend to continue creating small batches of unique pieces like this.

The word LIMITED kept popping into my head. As each piece is a limited edition of one the word stuck. When I sat down to design a logo to put on cards I could send out with each order, I shortened the word to just the letters LTD. It was simple, direct and didn’t need much explaining.

What’s in the collection?

There are a lot of different styles of earrings in this batch as I was trying out new ideas and ways to recycle teaspoons. Lots of choose from in the form of studs, dangly drops, hoops and fixed drops…

If pendants are your thing, I have those too. I wasn’t trying to conform to the standard rules of a collection – this is more a body of work made during a specific time, so there isn’t a particular style or theme being adhered to here.

I was just making the best use of the silver I had to hand. I worked with a few sets of spoons and also incorporated scraps and offcuts I had in my lemel tray. The results show how good I am at recycling, even down to the last speck of silver dust!

You’ll find a couple of spoon rings in the mix too.

The final showcase

In the end I had 30 unique pieces of jewellery and it’s been quite a task to photograph them all. Prior to Lockdown I decided I need to get some model shots of my jewellery being worn and I was about to embark on asking a few friends if they’d be willing to be neck, ear, and hand models when Lockdown happened. So through trial and error I figured out a way to photograph myself wearing my jewellery.

I’m by no means the most perfect person for the job with my un-photogenic double chin and blotchy skin but I’ve learnt a few tricks along the way and I’m really pleased with how the photos have turned out.

Flower Pendant made from recycled sterling silver teaspoons

Learning along the way

This process has also forced me to learn how to edit my photos using the new software I invested in at the start of the year. I’ve learnt a bit about developing RAW images by following tutorials in the handbook and I followed a few online ones as well – I have so much more to learn and I’m really enjoying getting to grips with being self sufficient on this front. After Lockdown I may continue to model for myself.

Unique, one of a kind sterling silver studs made from antique sterling silver teaspoons

Let me know what you think of the model shots – it’s the first time I’ve used shots like this in my shop. I think it makes a huge difference as you can see how a piece looks like when it’s worn and you don’t have to try and figure out how big or small it is, or how low or high a pendant hangs.

Love Heart Pendant made from recycled sterling silver teaspoons

Something else I’ve introduced to my shop listings is a look behind the scenes. I want to do more of this from now on and have to remind myself to photograph the before , during and after shots of the making process.

Love Heart Pendant made from recycled sterling silver teaspoons

These shots are to show you a bit of the magic and allow you to see what the jewellery has been made from. So many customers tell me how they would never have guessed a pendant or a ring had been made from a spoon if I hadn’t told them and I love that reveal, but with online shopping, its something that’s missing from my product listings. So I hope that by introducing a few behind the scenes shots you get to see a little of the process and appreciate the imagination and work that goes into creating the jewellery that you buy.

Comments muchly appreciated…use the box below!

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