New Statement Pieces : Salvaged

New statement pieces - Salvaged

July is the month to launch a load of new work it seems.

I’ve got my Lockdown Limited Editions about to arrive back from the Assay Office next week. I also made a few statement neck pieces last week which have just been added to my online shop.

I sent out a newsletter to my subscribers the other day and this blog post is a repetition of that. One day I’ll get into the rhythm of writing and posting without duplication! I now realise I should’ve written it all as a blog post instead, as my subscribers get an email each time I write a blog post, so they’re going to get this twice! Many apologies. I’ve still not got used to all this automation nonsense!


I found a tin full of partly finished riveted work on Tuesday, dating back to nights I used to drive through to Edinburgh for some specialist training and tuition from the fabulous and very talented jeweller Lisa Arnott at Silver Hub Studios.

At the time, I was learning how to make lockets, but as I’d just come off maternity leave I also had a bit of a refresher on skills I felt I was a bit rusty on like riveting. Lisa taught me how to ‘tube rivet’ and I fell in love with the process and applied it to many a vintage button soon after.

It was so lovely to discover this tin full of samples, experiments and unfinished pieces. It reminded me of so many happy and funny memories… like getting stuck in rush hour traffic on the way there but not getting annoyed as I was about to have a child free evening… how Lisa introduced me to bbc6music and how I was just a total sponge, wanting to learn so much from her… and how I always listened to Depeche Mode really loudly on the way home.

Seems so long ago (it was 2014!), but it was such an exciting time for me. I was getting out of the house on my own and getting some quality child free time, doing something I love doing more than anything…making jewellery…and I was surrounded by like minded people and I didn’t have to think about anybody but me for a few hours – it was awesome!

Salvaged pieces in progress

So this week I decided to dust off and finish these pieces I had rediscovered. I’m really pleased with how they’ve turned out and I could not wait to add them to my online shop. So today I’ve taken a few quick snaps and done just that. I’ve created a new category entitled ‘Salvaged’ and you will find a link to this new category at the bottom of this email.

You can find the new pieces in a new shop here…

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