Get 50% off any Acorn Pendant

Get 50% off these acorn pendants

Hi All! I can’t believe it’s August already! I’ve got a busy and exciting month ahead as the schools are re-opening their doors here in Scotland and my son will be heading to his new P4 class this week.

It’s a bit daunting to be honest, but some sort of normality will hopefully resume. How long it will last, nobody knows but I’ll be able to start having a bit more time in the studio from now on.

So how do you fancy a bit of a sale? Yep? Well read on…

Concentrating all my efforts into just one day a week over the past few months has been tough, but as the Wholesale side of my business came to a standstill, I’ve not had the usual workload to contend with and I’ve had more time to focus on my website, my socials and new work. So its time to re-evaluate some existing stock.

Get 50% off these gorgeous Acorn Pendants

Woodland Collection - Acorn Pendants - #MakerSupportPledge

My Woodland collection will be relaunching in the run up to Christmas with a new range of colours and metals. I started on this overhaul last year but as I got so busy with wholesale orders I never completed the process.

Acorn Pendants now available at the Northern Lights Gallery in Keswick, Cumbria

So I’m busy finalising the designs and it’s really exciting to be completing the collection at last, as up until now it’s just consisted of acorn pendants and oak leaf earrings. The acorn pendants have been made with a random selection of different sized glass beads salvaged from broken jewellery and rejects.

With the new collection I have decided to standardise the acorns with some gorgeous frosted round recycled glass beads that are all the same size and shape with a few colour options. I will also be introducing brass and silver acorn caps into the mix as well as a new range of oak leaf pendants and earrings too.

I don’t have any images of the new work as yet, but I’ll be releasing a few teaser images soon. The photos you see here are of my existing stock which, as of today is all half price.

Woodland Collection - Acorn Pendants - #MakerSupportPledge

All the Acorn Pendants I currently have in stock this month, which normally retail at £48, are going to be half price!

There is no coupon to apply at the checkout – all the pendants are now marked down by 50%.

Happy Shopping!

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