The story behind a collection

An Acorn in autumn

I started making Acorn Pendants before I became a parent. Actually, what got me interested in acorns, was the fact that I couldn’t become a parent at all. This was because of a condition called endometriosis which I’ve suffered from since my teens. When I got to my late 30s and felt ready to start a family, this really affected my chances of conceiving.

Around 1.5 million women in the UK are currently living with endometriosis and rather than go into the detail here, if you want to find out more about the condition you can visit the website.

We tried to conceive for 4 years without success. I had investigative surgery and it was confirmed by the surgeon and the doctors that endometriosis was the cause of my infertility and that my chances of conceiving were pretty much zero.

We decided to try IVF and produced the most perfect embryos the embryologist had ever seen. We had two transferred and I amazingly got pregnant. However this pregnancy sadly didn’t go full term and ended after just 9 weeks with an ectopic diagnosis.

So with that I came to the conclusion that I may never become a parent, even though we had the chance to try IVF again in a few months time. The seasons were changing and we were up in Cupar and I found that the Oak trees in the local park were dropping acorns in abundance.

I started to collect them and decided to plant them when I got home and see if they would grow. If I couldn’t be a parent, I could at least plant, grow and nurture trees instead.

My acorns sprouted and in the spring I was proudly potting them on. I also had other news to share too, as by then I was pregnant as well. A miracle of nature! One cure for endometriosis ironically is pregnancy – it’s not a cure as such, but the change in a woman’s hormonal balance due to pregnancy clears fibroids and holds the endometriosis at bay.

Being pregnant for 9 weeks the previous year gave me a very fertile window of opportunity and without even trying, I got pregnant very easily. I now have a happy, healthy 8yr old and some days I still can’t believe how lucky I am to be a mum.

My partner, who is an artist, took over with the tree planting and is now growing trees for a specific project and our garden is full of hundreds of seedlings and the allotment is full to the brim too.

Collecting acorns and other seeds is something we’ve done together every Autumn for about 10 years now and it’s such a joy that our son joins in with this too. We plant acorns and conkers mostly, but my partner has also branched out, no pun intended, into Beech, Cherry, Sycamore, Holly…the list goes on.

I look forward to Autumn each year as I love collecting the acorns and conkers, but also because of the gorgeous colours of the season. Its amazing to look at all the trees we’ve planted over the years and realise that some of them are nearly 10yrs old. WE LOVE TREES, especially oaks

I wanted to mark the miracle of my pregnancy with some jewellery and made my first ever acorn pendants. Sticking with my passion for recycled materials, I use flattened copper plumbing pipes for the acorn caps and recycled glass beads for the acorns.

To accompany the pendants, I made some oak leaf earrings.

Both the pendants and the earrings have always been popular and with each sale I smile happily and think about my journey into parenthood. It’s time to move on though and that’s why my current batch of pendants are now on sale.

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A new direction

I’ve been redesigning the collection over the past year and will be relaunching a new Woodland range in Autumn, which will incorporate silver and brass as well as the copper and a new range of earrings and pendants too. Here is a photo of the new recycled glass beads I’ve sourced – aren’t they gorgeous – and the three different metals used for the acorn caps. From left to right, silver, brass and copper.

The pendant below is far from finished, but the photo will give you an idea of what’s to come…

I’ve switched from copper wire, to silver for the acorn pendants too and here is a bunch of balled pins that the beads and caps are threaded ontpo before twisting the end to form a bail so each acorn can be hung from a chain.

Collection launch

I’m hoping to launch this new version of the Woodland Collection quite soon and will keep you informed as and when I have an update. I’ve not only got to get the individual pieces finalised and photographed, I also have to figure out pricing and get all the accompanying literature designed and printed. There’s a lot to do.

I’ll be selling it wholesale as well, which adds to the workload but also gives me a deadline as I will need to launch the collection prior to my next two online trade events which are happening in September. You’ve got to love a deadline!

Why not treat yourself to an original Acorn Pendant now – they’re half price! Or if you want to hold off and wait for the new collection to be launched, sign up to my mailing list and become a Milomade VIP and then you’ll be the first to be able to shop the collection when it goes live in my online shop.

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    • Evie Milo says:

      Thanks Pat. As this collection is so different from my usual work, I thought I’d share how it came about. I’m really excited to be launching the new version of the collection quite soon.

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