Let me take the stress out of buying rings online

Ring Sizer

Knowing the correct ring size to order, whether you’re buying a ring for yourself or as a gift for someone special, can cause a lot of stress. Customers often tell me at open studio events that it’s the number one reason they don’t buy rings online.

Let me take the stress away!

I’ve just added a Multisizer Ring Gauge to my online shop which will hopefully make your online ring shopping much easier and less stressful.

Ring Sizer
This Multisizer Ring Gauge is now available in my online shop

You can use one of these ring sizers to measure your fingers in the comfort of your own home. Once you know your ring size, you can shop more confidently for any rings listed online.

Rings are measured according to the circumference of your finger where the ring sits comfortably. You don’t want your rings to be too loose so there’s a risk of them falling off. You also don’t want them too tight that they cut off your blood supply.

When Should You Measure Your Finger?

Your finger size will changes all the time and is affected by many factors – heat, hormones, water retention, time of day as well as gradually with age. Given this, it’s a good idea to measure for a ring multiple times over a day, or even a few days, to find the best size for you. 

All the rings I make are made to UK ring sizes, using the system also known as ‘Wheatsheaf’. Rings are measured alphabetically from A (the smallest) to Z+6 (the biggest).

Milomade rings are all open and adjustable

Another thing to consider, that should hopefully take the stress away when buying from my online shop, is the fact that all the rings I make are open and adjustable. I will always make a ring to the size that is ordered, but as they are open and therefore not fixed, they can be adjusted easily. See the difference below between the original fixed size Ripple Rings I used to make and the new adjustable design.

I still have tons of these fixed Ripple Rings (they’re all in my sale section) and I made the switch to the adjustable design after talking to buyers at Trade Shows. I discovered a problem that had never occurred to me. One buyer told me she could’ve sold one of my Seashore Rings a hundred times, but it was never the right size. Every customer fell in love with the ring, but it didn’t fit their finger.

I offered to replace the fixed ring shank with an open adjustable one and soon after, the ring sold to a very happy customer. That was my eureka moment and since then I have made all my rings adjustable with open ring shanks.

Spoon Rings are also open and adjustable

My spoon rings have always been open and adjustable, so it made sense to apply the same feature to all the rings I make, as that made them far more ‘sell-able’ offline as well as online.

Spoon rings are made from the stem of a teaspoon. When I get a new set of teaspoons in, I take one spoon out of the set, cut off the bowl and make the largest size possible for that design. I then have a ring to photograph and list it in my online shop. I offer sizes working down from that largest size.

My advice? Don’t Worry! Don’t Stress!

If you’re buying a ring from my online shop, you’re buying a piece of history – whether this be a spoon ring from my Past Present or LTD collections or one of the rings from my Echoes collection. They’re all made from recycled silver.

You can purchase a ring from me and know that it can grow and change with you over time. Buying an open and adjustable ring is the best investment you can make as they will always be easy to adjust and adapt as you change and get older.

They can also be passed down as gifts to the next generation without much hassle to get them re-sized to fit. Sometimes all it takes is for a little push or pull to make the ring shank slightly bigger or smaller.

Spoon Ring

You can use a wooden or metal ring mandrel (like the one in the picture above) to do this easily and any high street jeweller should be able to offer this service.

But what if I’m buying a ring as a surprise???

Again don’t stress! Its the thought that counts and I know you’re investing financially in a gift and if you don’t know the exact size to order, that can be an issue if you want a fixed sized ring. However my rings are not fixed and if the ring you order is slightly too small or too big, it can easily be adjusted to fit!

If you’re buying a ring as a gift and you don’t know what ring size to order, here are a few things you can do.

Guess the size (not as crazy as it sounds):

  • Fingers are proportionate to body type so, if your partner is small and petite, it’s likely that their hands are also small and slender. For women, start at a size I, for men start with a size N.
  • If they’re more average in height/weight, chances are they have an average finger size too. For women an average finger size is L½ and for men its around a size O.
  • If your partner is above average height or build, you’re looking to start with an N for a woman and a size T for men.

Borrow a ring:

  • Take a ring that they already wear to a jewellers for it to be sized. However, this might take away the surprise!

Use your own finger:

  • You can slide a ring that they already wear onto one of your own fingers and mark with a pen where it gets stuck. Go to a jeweller and get your finger measured to find out the size required, or use one of my Multisizer Ring Gauges.

There are lots of resources online

I’m in the process of creating a ring sizing chart that can be downloaded and printed. In the meantime, have a search online as there are plenty of free resources available.

I hope this post has helped in some way to take the stress away from buying rings online.

If you’ve not checked it out yet, go to my online shop and find out what my latest offer is…big hint…it’s a ring related discount code!

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