Totally Locally Fiver Fest

Totally Locally - FiverFest

Helping high streets help themselves!

Totally Locally is the biggest grass-roots high street campaign and it all kicks off tomorrow with a fortnight of offers from local businesses in your area. It’s more than a ‘shop local’ campaign though, it’s a philosophy! The concept runs on that simple & guilt-free message – spend a fiver a week in your town. Not only will that help your high street and local businesses thrive, it’ll make the place you live that little bit better.

Over 100 towns nationwide are joining in.

FIVER FEST is the chance for independent businesses to use their collective power to encourage people back to our town centres, to say thank you to customers who supported them during lockdown and to prove once again, that the small guys can compete with the online giants & the supermarkets.

This isn’t a boycott, we all have busy lives and need to use supermarkets and order online from national chains. We’re just asking for a tiny change in your shopping habits that will make you think about where your money goes. Best of all you get the added bonus of connecting with your community and supporting all your local businesses and making them thrive rather than just survive.

This is my first time taking part in this campaign and I don’t have anything for a fiver to offer you! However if you’re willing to spend £30 or more with me in my online shop I will give you a fiver off your order! Simply enter the code FIVERFESTFIVE at the checkout.

minimum order £30 : Can’t be used with any other offer : Expires midnight 26.06.21

Happy Shopping!

Find out more on the Totally Locally website

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