Echoes of Scotland jewellery connects the past to the present. Inspiration for this collection is drawn from the Scottish coast. The textures in rock, the patterns in sand, the ripples in water, directly inform the process and design of each piece of jewellery. Just like a pebble found on a beach, the individual pieces are all unique with their own personal qualities, textures and details.

Comprising of 21 pieces, the collection is grouped into 5 separate micro collections entitled Seashore, Ripple, Seafoam, Rockpool and Urchin. The Flotsam Pendant is the statement piece of the collection and consists of elements from each of these micro collections.

For full details about the Echoes of Scotland collection please visit this page

Please be aware that I do have some items in stock but I’m currently awaiting the return of a batch I sent off to the Edinburgh Assay Office for hallmarking and once the new pieces are back in the studio, they’ll be hot off the press and ready to ship around the 16th March.