Copper Type

Made from flattened recycled copper plumbing pipes and industry offcuts these small stand alone letters are hand cut and stamped with decorative details. The letters listed here at the moment are currently in stock, already made and ready to ship. Each letter is reduced in price and there is only one of each listing.

I’m currently redesigning the alphabet used for this Copper Type collection and will be re-launching the standardised, repeatable designs at some point this year. Every letter of the alphabet will be available to order soon.

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Thoughtful gifts for any occasion!

"A lot of the pieces in this category have come about because I've been commissioned to make something bespoke for someone special. It's so wonderful to be a part of a customer's gifting process and work with them to develop something totally personal and unique for the recipient. These pieces inevitably inspire further work and my product range has grown over the years to encompass all the pieces I have made. Thank you for supporting handmade, shopping small and helping my business survive and flourish!"
Evie Milo - Jeweller, Designer, Maker

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