Providing a testimonial

Firstly, Yay! You made it to this page.

Secondly, thank you for buying Milomade – you have great taste!

Thirdly, thank you for following the link to this page to send me a testimonial. It really means a lot to me as a maker.

Providing a Testimonial

Providing a testimonial that I can use on my website and social media channels is really helpful in lots of ways.

I love to see where my jewellery and metal pieces travel to and the new stories that begin through someone wearing them, owning them and putting them on display. I love to find out how my jewellery and other work changes people’s lives, enhances them, makes them happy.

Other customers are nosey too and like to find out what other people buy and also what they think of my work. So not only are you helping me, you are also helping others who shop at Milomade.

Giving a Star Rating

This is one of the mandatory options that is included when I add a testimonial to my website, so if you could please give a star rating that’d be great.

Uploading Photos

It’s great to be able to see my jewellery and other work in action so feel free to supply a photo, but this is totally optional. It’d be great to see you wearing your jewellery, even if it’s just a shot of your ear, hand or neckline. It’d also be great to see my metal pieces in situ in your home to see how they fit into their new worlds.

There is a file size limit of 2MB for photos and only gif, jpg and png formats are accepted.

Sharing Your Words and Photos

I’d love to be able to share your testimonial and photo (if you’ve uploaded one) on this website and also on my social media channels, so please let me know if you’re happy for me to do by specifying your preference in the form options.