Wholesale Orders Welcome!

Thank you for your interest in stocking Milomade. If you’ve reached this page, you no doubt have found out enough about Milomade to take things to the next level. But whoah there, let’s not move too fast – I’d love to find out a little bit about you first before I’m ready to go further.

To register as a wholesale buyer, please get in touch with details about yourself, your shop/gallery, including its location, the other items/brands you sell, as well as a list of the Milomade Jewellery you would like to stock – just so I can get to know you a little better.

Simply email me, Evie Milo, at orders@milomade.co.uk to make the first move.

I can then set up access for you to the password protected wholesale section of this website, which includes a wholesale version of my online shop allowing you to easily place orders directly from this website without the need to email or to ask what’s available.

You will also gain access to hi-res images and point of sale information to download without having to chase me – it’s all here on the website once you’ve registered and logged in.

So what are you waiting for – email me today!

Wholesale Information

The information in this section is only available for users logged into a Wholesale account. After you’ve logged in as a wholesale buyer, links to the additional ‘wholesale’ pages will appear here and the online shop will only show products that are available wholesale and will display everything at wholesale prices.