Tails of the Sea – Jellyfish Pendants

Each of my Jellyfish Pendants is a one off creation and totally unique in every way. If you take a fancy to one of the pendants listed, to avoid disappointment, snap it up before someone else does.

Each pendant is handcrafted from an antique sterling silver thimble and a mix of recycled sterling silver wire and chain. They hang from a long 76cm chain and are a total joy to wear and fiddle with. I list them in small batches and there are only a few available at any one time.

All items in this category are made and ‘READY TO SHIP’

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The Spoon Lady of Scotland - Evie Milio - In her studio in Kinghorn, Fife, Scotland

There's no lovelier feeling than unwrapping a new piece of jewellery, that not only has been selected especially for you, but also comes with a tale to tell.

"All my jewellery is made sustainably from recycled silver with little or no waste. Each 'wearable heirloom' is accompanied by a collection card explaining the origin of the materials used. Gifting jewellery is such a personal and private thing and when you purchase my work, I feel honoured to be a part of your story and that you trust me with those very special, personal and precious gifts."
Evie Milo - Jeweller, Designer, Maker

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