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Made to Order - bespoke orders welcome

In the midst of my current Copper Type Sale I thought I’d add this post to show you two commissioned pieces that I’ve recently completed for customers. It’s a reminder to you that bespoke orders are more than welcome and make wonderful personalised gifts.

Customers often get in touch and say something along the lines of…

I saw this piece on your website and wondered whether it’d be possible to get something similar but with a squirrel? Can we chat over ideas?

I love working to commission and chatting through ideas with customers for those extra little details that would make the commissioned piece totally bespoke and personal.

Because of customer requests I’ve made ampersands, squirrels, cats, penguins, robins and other amazing things.

Sometimes customers are very direct and come to me with very definite ideas. Others are keen to get something done, but not sure of what’s possible and ask me to offer them some options. Both approaches are just fine.

One recent commission I’ve completed has been for this letter T and a squirrel. The customer simply asked for an uppercase T and a squirrel. As soon as I got the order I could picture the pose of the squirrel in my head and it was just a matter of translating the image in my head on to paper, so that I could cut it out of the metal and make the piece. This is the result!

Copper Type - Letter T with a brass squirrel
Copper Type

Since posting this on Instagram, I got an instant request to make another one identical to this…which I’m more than happy to do!

The brass embellishments are all in silhouette and are not stamped and decorative like the copper type they accompany. If you’d like a little bit extra detail, you might consider getting one of my personalised name banners made.

These also featured a copper letter which I hand cut and stamp, but also a banner that can include a name or phrase. My standard personalised banners are £48 with just a letter and a stamped banner like this:

Personalised Name Banners

But if you want to splash out a little extra, you can order a more bespoke option like this one below that I made last month for a customer.

Personalised Name Banner - G is for Gill

I was asked to create this piece for a 70th birthday. The customer wanted a personalised banner but wondered if I could add a little bit extra and include the Roman numerals for 70. We chatted over the phone and the topic of her friend’s allotment came up. One idea led to another and we decided upon a robin sitting on a spade with the Roman numerals stamped into that.

The spade was fun to make, as was the robin. I made it from three layers of metal riveted together. The base layer was brass, the top layer was copper and sandwiched in between the two was a layer of coloured aluminium I cut from a drinks can.

Personalised Name Banner - G is for Gill

All my Copper pieces are now stamped with my initials and a recycling symbol as seen in the image above.

Sale Still On

As I’ve mentioned before I’m currently standardising my alphabet, so that in 2021 it’ll be easier to list and sell my copper type online. I’ve revised my font and created a lowercase and uppercase version of each letter and will gradually working my way through making, photographing and adding these new designs to my online shop.

My current stock was made for an exhibition and therefore all the pieces are totally unique. The sale is still on and continues until the end of this month. I’d really love to sell all the pieces. The individual letters are now just £12.50 and make wonderful gifts and available here. There are also a few of the embellished pieces available too which have been reduced to £15. Go check them out.

Thank you!

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