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LTD Collection - The 2020 Edition - Get 10% off for the rest of this month

This month I’ve been taking a retrospective look back at the work I made last year, in particular my LTD collection.

The first Lockdown seems like such a long time ago now. It was such a strange period and we had to adjust quickly to a new and different was of living, working, schooling, shopping and socialising.

A lot of new work and ideas were generated last year and I’m so proud of what I achieved back then despite the strange circumstances. One of my favourite things to look back on is the birth of my LTD collection. Unable to buy in any teaspoons or EcoSilver, I was stuck in the studio with just the silver I had to hand.

I needed a goal to work to in order to keep focused and I set myself the challenge of making 30 unique pieces of jewellery from what I found on my bench and I documented and shared the whole process.

I love showing before and after photos as more often that not, people don’t realise my jewellery is made from antique sterling silver teaspoons until I point that out to them. Then comes the gasp of surprise and recognition and I love that moment. Here are a few examples of the before and after.

Love Heart Pendant

Three Little Birds Set

Hoops and Studs

Notice a theme? No? Well that because there isn’t one. This collection is about being unique rather than following a trend and if that’s your style you might just be my ideal customer. There’s a good reason I chose the name LTD for this collection. Every piece is totally unique – a one off. But it’s also because the collection came into being when I had to work with limited materials and limited resources.

I always thought it would be a rolling collection that I would add to periodically. However looking back on it now, I really enjoyed the challenge I set myself and the playful/experimental approach I took to making those 30 unique pieces of jewellery.

So I’ve decided to set myself the same challenge this year and I have started to pick out spoons I want to work with to create the 2021 edition of the collection. It will again feature 30 unique pieces of jewellery, but as it’s a very direct making process, I can’t tell you what they will be until I sit down and start working with the silver I have selected.

I’m starting a bit later in the year this time around, but that means I can launch this year’s edition in November in the run up to Christmas. Perfect for all of you who love to buy jewellery as gifts for your loved ones at Christmas.

For now though, why not click through to my online shop and browse the 2020 edition. There are 12 unique pieces left and for the rest of this month you can enjoy a 10% discount on the whole collection.

Just use the code 10LTD2020 at the checkout.

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