The trouble with Facebook

The trouble with Facebook

Last year I unfortunately lost the admin rights to my @milomade Facebook page which I’d been running since 2010. I don’t know why this happened. Facebook never took the time to contact me and let me know.

In all honestly it was probably a bot or an algorithm rather then a human being that made the decision.

So soon after I decided to set up a second page and called it @MilomadeJewellery as I need a Facebook business page to use my scheduling software and connect my social media content. This page has been fine and I haven’t had any issues with it until earlier this year when the connection between it and my Instagram account stopped working.

I tried to reconnect them and the damn bot got me again and I got a message on screen saying my admin rights were gone.

I have tried everything in my power to get in touch with Facebook but it is just an impossible task. I’ve submitted photo ID, I’ve sent them proof of my name and address, I’ve even written and signed a 3 page PDF document explaining the situation and proving I am who I am!

But I’ve had no success.

Its Bob Dylan’s birthday today so I’ve taken inspiration from his Subterranean Homesick Blues video to ask for your help.

Today I created an Instagram Reel in the same style and it’s being shared by lots of people on the platform. Unfortunately I can’t share it to my Facebook page as I have no access. I have posted it to my personal profile though.

You can view that post here: My Facebook Post

and if not, see it on my Instagram account here: On Instagram

I hope you like this REEL. If you’re on Instagram I’d really appreciate you viewing it there and sharing it to your Stories and mention @facebook and @instagramforbusiness and @zuck when you do. It’d be great if this REEL travelled far and wide. If it’s possible for you to share it to your Facebook page, personal profile and stories that would be truly awesome!

This issue is truly affecting my business and my mental health.

In the current climate I need to be able to run my business effectively online and losing the admin access to both my Facebook pages has had such a negative impact and I worry everyday that I’ll also lose access to my Instagram too which would be devastating.

I’d love my admin rights back so I can have access to both my business pages again and I would love Facebook to have the common decency to let me know the reason for the rights removal so it doesn’t happen again!

If you have any advice or can offer any help in contacting Facebook, I would really appreciate you getting in touch. Maybe you know someone who works there, or someone who knows someone who works there. Or maybe you’ve had the same happen to you and you got your page back.

Every little helps!

2 thoughts on “The trouble with Facebook

  1. Robert Mitchell says:

    I’d sent a message on FB a fortnight ago, and wondered why I’d had no reply. This may be the answer. I’ve now sent a copy via your website. If you haven’t got that, please get back to me. Alas, I cannot help with FB/other issues. Well beyond my expertise! 🙁

    • Evie Milo says:

      Thanks for reaching out via email – yes I’ve received your email and will get back to you later today. This blog post highlights the huge problem of having two ghost Facebook pages. People message me on Facebook, I don’t know they’ve done that and it reflects really badly on me as a business as I don’t reply because I can’t. I will use them all as examples in my next email to Facebook which is going out today.

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